Monday, October 09, 2006

Robby's first trial

This Sunday Robby went to his first agility trial. I know he's not ready for hard-core competition, but really wanted to get him on different equipment and in a different environment. It was a USDAA trial, and I only entered him in jumpers and standard.

In standard he got 4th place but no Q. He was well over time - he passed the A-frame 3 times before he took it. Just ran right by. He usually loves the dog walk so I don't know what was going on. He also popped out of the weave poles. I expected that. It was 12 poles and in class we're only doing 6. I need to get my 12 pole set up at home and work on it.

In jumpers he got a 2nd place and a Q. And that was with me getting lost on the course! He called off of the two wrong obstacles I tried to send him to without getting upset. Just continued running once I figured out where to go.

Travis also went to this trial. He did well:
P1 Snookers - 2nd but no Q (doesn't like that USDAA tire and didn't take it the first time)
P1 Gamblers - 2nd and Q
P1 Standard - 3rd but no Q (slid off the table)
P1 Jumpers - 1st and Q