Friday, September 29, 2006

Emily is spayed

On Wednesday, Emily went in to be spayed. This didn't quite end up being a typical, easy spay. The vet called me and said they had her on the table, but when they expressed her bladder, her urine was bloody. First question was, "Is she showing any signs of a UTI?" No, none! No excessive peeing. No spotting. Nothing to make me think she was having problems. Second question was, "Could she have gotten into rat poison?" We don't have any rat poison at our house, but who knows what the neighbors might have. So she did a clotting test (rat poison makes it so the blood can't clot, and the animal will bleed to death). Clotting test was fine, so she proceeded with the surgery.

Emily had her first (and only heat) starting June 5. She was in heat for a full 3 weeks. But the vet said that every indication was that Emily was going into heat again. That's only 3.5 months. She shouldn't be going into heat until December. But there was a strong blood supply going into the uterus, and instead of the uterus being small and very tight and hard to get out, it was very loose and pliable and easy to pull out - all signs of coming into heat.

While in there, they pulled more urine and sent it off to be cultured. A preliminary test at the office showed a lot of protein the urine, so it's probably a UTI, but the culture will give us the real picture.

So now Emily is on restricted activity for 10 days. Yeah right. She either stays on leash or in a large crate. She's already raring to go, and will be insane at the end of 10 days.

And if you love your dog, please spay or neuter. There are very few dogs worthy of being bred in the U.S., and if your dog isn't breeding quality, please remove them from the gene pool. Plus, it makes life so much easier for everyone.


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