Monday, October 09, 2006

Robby's first trial

This Sunday Robby went to his first agility trial. I know he's not ready for hard-core competition, but really wanted to get him on different equipment and in a different environment. It was a USDAA trial, and I only entered him in jumpers and standard.

In standard he got 4th place but no Q. He was well over time - he passed the A-frame 3 times before he took it. Just ran right by. He usually loves the dog walk so I don't know what was going on. He also popped out of the weave poles. I expected that. It was 12 poles and in class we're only doing 6. I need to get my 12 pole set up at home and work on it.

In jumpers he got a 2nd place and a Q. And that was with me getting lost on the course! He called off of the two wrong obstacles I tried to send him to without getting upset. Just continued running once I figured out where to go.

Travis also went to this trial. He did well:
P1 Snookers - 2nd but no Q (doesn't like that USDAA tire and didn't take it the first time)
P1 Gamblers - 2nd and Q
P1 Standard - 3rd but no Q (slid off the table)
P1 Jumpers - 1st and Q

Friday, September 29, 2006

Emily is spayed

On Wednesday, Emily went in to be spayed. This didn't quite end up being a typical, easy spay. The vet called me and said they had her on the table, but when they expressed her bladder, her urine was bloody. First question was, "Is she showing any signs of a UTI?" No, none! No excessive peeing. No spotting. Nothing to make me think she was having problems. Second question was, "Could she have gotten into rat poison?" We don't have any rat poison at our house, but who knows what the neighbors might have. So she did a clotting test (rat poison makes it so the blood can't clot, and the animal will bleed to death). Clotting test was fine, so she proceeded with the surgery.

Emily had her first (and only heat) starting June 5. She was in heat for a full 3 weeks. But the vet said that every indication was that Emily was going into heat again. That's only 3.5 months. She shouldn't be going into heat until December. But there was a strong blood supply going into the uterus, and instead of the uterus being small and very tight and hard to get out, it was very loose and pliable and easy to pull out - all signs of coming into heat.

While in there, they pulled more urine and sent it off to be cultured. A preliminary test at the office showed a lot of protein the urine, so it's probably a UTI, but the culture will give us the real picture.

So now Emily is on restricted activity for 10 days. Yeah right. She either stays on leash or in a large crate. She's already raring to go, and will be insane at the end of 10 days.

And if you love your dog, please spay or neuter. There are very few dogs worthy of being bred in the U.S., and if your dog isn't breeding quality, please remove them from the gene pool. Plus, it makes life so much easier for everyone.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Introducing. . .

This is the first post of a blog dedicated to my dogs' achievements.

First, there is Harper. He's a 9yo Australian Shepherd. He's my old retired guy and is officially known as Perennial Irish Harper, AKC CDX, ASCA CD, CGC

Then there is Travis. He's a 5yo Australian Shepherd. He is the I currently compete with. He is officially known at Perennial Alamo de Los Suenos AKC/ASCA CDX, NA, NAJ, NAC, CGC

Next in line is Emily. She's a 1yo Australian Shepherd and in training. She's learning a lot of obedience and a little bit of agility. She's still very much in adolescence and needs to mature a little bit before she hits the competition ring.

And last but not least is Robby, a 1yo Papillon. He's the "little dog" in the house. He's about to start his agility trial career (he's not quite competition ready, but I need to get him on as many different pieces of equipment as I can as he is more sensitive to changes in equipment than the Aussies).

So, current plans have me bringing Harper out of retirement for his ASCA CDX. He's a bit hard of hearing these days, so it's a bit interesting. Travis is working on agility titles in AKC, NADAC, and USDAA, and whenever possible, ASCA. He is also training for utility in obedience, and when the weather cools, he should be picking up tracking. Emily is working hard on her obedience skills. We also play a bit with agility, but it's not the primary focus yet. Robby is working hard on agility with some obedience work. His primary focus is agility, just the opposite of Emily. I want him to do obedience also, but I think he needs a bit more confidence before he can handle some of the obedience stuff.